CPR Works is dedicated to spreading the AHA’s mission around the globe!  See this post from one of our instructors who taught BLS Courses in India:


“As an AHA BLS instructor, I am aligned with CPR Works of Charlotte. Recently, I traveled to India and obtained dual alignment with an Indian based AHA Training Center in order to train 7 faculty members and 33 third-year nursing students in Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers.  Even though the nursing program adheres to an English medium format, not all the students are fluent in English or easily understand our American English accent. To ensure that the AHA BLS material was comprehended, I first taught the faculty with a 1:4 instructor-participant ratio following the AHA guidelines. The small class size allowed me the opportunity to carefully assess the faculty member’s level of comprehension and identify two assistants from within the faculty. We then assembled the student body and previewed the AHA BLS video while providing corresponding demonstration and translation to provide the students with an overview of the course. Over the following week, I taught the AHA BLS program to the students in groups of 6 or 8 with the help of the assistant faculty being careful to tailor the pace of each class to the students and provide ample time for translation of the material into their native languages. By the end of each training session, I felt confident that the students could perform CPR in a real life setting.

The faculty and student’s enthusiasm over the AHA BLS program was overwhelming. They loved the video presentation and practical hands-on experience and wanted to know when I could teach them more AHA courses. Certification in AHA BLS is a fairly new but growing concept within India. Being certified in BLS provides new graduates with proven skills that can save lives as well as broadens their job opportunities; for this, the faculty and students were extremely appreciative.
Celia Jewell
AHA BLS HCP Instructor